Dulux roll out scheme to recycle 50 million litres of unused paint

Research from Dulux has revealed that Lancashire homeowners are hoarding enough leftover paint to colour the country many times over, with the company encouraging people to recycle their paint through their Community RePaint scheme.
Do you have any unused paint at home?Do you have any unused paint at home?
Do you have any unused paint at home?

Despite living an an age defined by recycling awareness, Dulux have reported that 47% of people in the UK are keeping between four and 20 tins of part-used paint from previous DIY jobs, with 70% of people claiming they did not realise you can recycle paint - a concept 93% of people nevertheless support.

Across the country, there’s an estimated 50 million litres of paint left unused - enough to coat the white cliffs of Dover 4,000 times - which is where the Community RePaint scheme - unveiled alongside environmental consultant Resource Futures - comes into play, helping transform the lives of over five million who have benefited from the schemes to date.

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“Every bit of reused paint makes a difference," said Martin Pearse, Community RePaint Network Manager from Resource Futures. "Working with Dulux over the past 25 years, we’ve seen the transformation that affordable paint can bring to charities, communities, and those in social need across the UK.

“Additionally, Community RePaint supports councils and waste management companies by diverting reusable paint from the waste stream," Martin added. “As the number of Community RePaint schemes grows, more individuals and groups will have access to our paint, brightening more homes, buildings and public spaces across the country.”

In 2017, Community RePaint received more than 432,000 litres of leftover paint from householders, traders, and paint manufacturers, and through the network, more than 300,000 litres of paint were distributed, which coloured the lives of more than 316,000 people in the local community, benefiting individuals, families, and charities in need at an affordable cost.

Find out how to get involved at: https://www.dulux.co.uk/communityrepaint