In 2017, Lancashire's very own Jurassic Park could have been discovered by a budding Richard Attenborough on the banks of the River Ribble. A retired Preston painter and decorator claimed to have come across dinosaur footprints embedded in rock below a stone footbridge at the Bridge Inn in Penwortham. He said there was an 8ft span between the two prints, which appear to have three toes at the front and one on the heel, as well as another indentation that could be the knuckle from the two-legged monster T-Rex. The claims were never verified.

Dinosaur footprint discovery | What historical finds have been made in Lancashire?

Following the discovery of a dinosaur footprint described as a "real Jurassic giant" on a beach - we look at the most historical finds in Lancashire.

The fossilised print was spotted by archaeologist Marie Woods who was collecting shellfish in Yorkshire.

But here in Lancashire we have made plenty of historical finds of our own. They include:

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