Did thugs throw cats down a Burnley gully?

Two cats that were found trapped at the bottom of a 15ft gully in Burnley town centre are suspected to be the victims of an act of cruelty.

RSPCA and firefighters were called after the pair were spotted on Parker Lane, Burnley.

Animal collection officer Kim Sheriff said: “The two cats were stuck at the bottom of a 15ft-deep gully which was littered with rubbish and damp, mouldy leaves.

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“The walled area was fenced at the surface so I think it’s unlikely they’d have both fallen in by accident. Unfortunately, I suspect they were thrown into the shaft and abandoned which is just awful.”


Kim called Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service for assistance getting down into the gulley to reach the cats and safely lift them out.

She said: “We took both cats for an assessment at a local vets and they were both really frightened.

“The pair - now named Barney and Bradley - are now being cared for by staff at RSPCA Rochdale and District branch.

“The grey tabby Bradley, who is around five, is very nervous. He is also a little underweight but will be given a health diet to increase his weight by cattery staff.


“Black cat Barney is approximately one and is confident and relaxed, and really likes people.”

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The cats will remain in RSPCA care to be monitored and will soon be available for rehoming.

To find out more about offering Barney and Bradley - or any of the other cats in RSPCA Rochdale’s care - a new home please call 01706 861897.