Demolition of Nelson's infamous 'eyesore' set to be complete by tomorrow

Nelson's derelict multi-storey car park is set to be razed to the ground by tomorrow to make way for the town's first McDonald's restaurant.

Firefighters are at the scene. Picture by Geoff Sherwood
Firefighters are at the scene. Picture by Geoff Sherwood

An emergency evacuation took place this morning of Nelson Police Station amid safety concerns surrounding the four-storey car park.

Traffic was diverted including buses, which were unable to stop in the town centre and Broadway continues to be closed to traffic. Fire crews and officers from Lancashire County Council remain at the scene.

Mr Dean Langton, chief executive of Pendle Council, said: “The police informed me this morning that the contractors demolishing the multi-storey car park had raised concerns with them about the structure.

“Nelson Police station was evacuated and the road has been closed along Broadway up to Railway Street as a precaution, whilst the contractors demolish the rest of the car park.


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“Our building control team has visited the site a number of times to ensure the contractors are doing all they can to make the site safe as quickly as possible.

“It’s expected that the demolition will be completed tomorrow.”

A police spokesman said: "Following our earlier post about road closures around Nelson Police Station, Broadway will remain closed overnight. All other roads have now reopened. Many thanks for your patience.