Daredevil Ribble Valley 'superheroes' complete 14,000ft charity skydive

The sky was the limit for four brave members of Ribble Valley Rotarians who have raised £2,450 for good local causes.
Clare Jackson, Andy Belcham, Deborah Bootle and Bill HoneywellClare Jackson, Andy Belcham, Deborah Bootle and Bill Honeywell
Clare Jackson, Andy Belcham, Deborah Bootle and Bill Honeywell

For Bill Honeywell, Deborah Bootle, Andy Belcham and Clare Jackson took a different kind of "giant leap" as part of a fundraising drive for community projects.

Seven members had agreed to do the skydive, including former Clitheroe Mayor Mary Robinson, but after two earlier postponements due to the weather, it became impossible to find a date that suited everyone so the first "cohort" took part last Sunday.

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Andy, who even managed to wear his Superman T-shirt on the outside of his jumpsuit, said: “I had a fantastic time. The best bit was actually jumping out of the plane from 14,000 feet; thanks to all those who sponsored me over £600 towards Rotary-supported charities”.

They did it!They did it!
They did it!

Charity stalwart, Bill Honeywell, commented: “It was worth waiting 66 years for! Hurtling towards the ground at 120mph and then apparently stopping in mid-air when the parachute opens was just an amazing experience!” In total, £2,450 was raised for community projects."

The second group – Mary, Jacqui Harrop and Leroy Clifford are planning to jump on August 25th. There’s still time to join them if you’re interested, and if you’d like to know more about the new and flexible Rotary in Ribble Valley, contact Bill Honeywell by e-mail on [email protected]