Clitheroe Rotarians 'zoom into space' with NASA astronaut

A recent Zoom meeting was "out of this world" and left Rotarians astonished when new president Jenni Schumann introduced guest speaker, NASA Astronaut and member of Friendswood Rotary Club, Houston, Texas, Mike Foreman.

Like lots of organisations, Clitheroe Rotary has had to adapt to a new way of conducting meetings during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Jenni has spent many hours attending online Zoom meetings with Rotary Clubs around the world. At one time she came across Mike Foreman, a retired NASA Astronaut, and invited him to be the speaker at a Clitheroe meeting.

A spokesman for Clitheroe Rotary explained: "Mike told us about his background as a test pilot, which included flying out of Boscombe Down in Hampshire. He then made eight attempts to join NASA's elite band of astronauts before being accepted. Mike made two flights on the space shuttle to the International Space Station.

Rotarians Zoom with NASA astronaut Mike Foreman


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"He, like several Clitheroe Rotarians, has been Mayor of his local town. Mike answered questions from lots of meeting participants, including Matthew Doyle from Sabden, who wanted to know all about the food they eat in space? Jenni has received NASA pennants in the post from NASA and in return Mike will receive a Clitheroe Rotary Speakers' pen.

"Mike Foreman - friends, guests and visitors from 14 clubs in four countries joined the meeting with over 75 attendees altogether. It was an amazing evening!"

If anyone would like to become a person of action and get involved with a Rotary project, contact Jenni Schumann at [email protected]