Clitheroe football match helps to raise £12,000 for ex-Blackburn Rovers footballers Tony Parkes who has Alzheimer's disease and Tommy Spurr's son who has rare form of cancer

A Clitheroe football match that pitted TV stars against Blackburn Rovers legends has raised around £12,000 for good causes.

Fundraiser Tony Cartwright, who has organised charity football matches across Lancashire for several years, brought his kind-hearted mission to the town for the first time when he hosted the event at Clitheroe Football Club last month.

It was held partly in honour of ex-Blackburn Rovers player and Old Langho dad Tommy Spurr to help pay for any future treatment abroad for his three-year-old son, Rio, who has a rare form of stage four kidney cancer, which is 50% likely to return and prove incurable on the NHS. Proceeds are additionally going towards the care of Rovers legend Tony Parkes, who has Alzheimer's disease. Also benefitting from the fundraising are Crohn’s & Colitis UK and St Catherine’s Hospice in Lostock Hall.

Commenting on the event’s success, Tony said: "It was just brilliant. It’s the best match we’ve done so far. Clitheroe’s a superb place to have it and the football club was absolutely wonderful.

"We raised around £12,000 altogether, including an anonymous £5,500 donation to Rio.

"Tommy Spurr broke down in tears when a bloke came in the dressing room and gave him £1,000. It was very emotional.”

Tony Parkes was the VIP who kicked the match off, with the likes of Emmerdale’s James Hooton, Britain’s Got Talent alumni Steve Royle and Hollyoaks stars Nick Pickard, Jacob Roberts and David Kennedy taking on former Blackburn Rovers and Blackpool FC players.

"We also invited about 30 Ukrainians. That was very nice as they’ve had a miserable time,” added Tony.

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