Clitheroe church offers to give your finances a makeover

Trained members of Clitheroe churches are ready to help local residents gain control of their money matters with free sessions.
The course sessions are being run this monthThe course sessions are being run this month
The course sessions are being run this month

St James’ Church, Clitheroe, will again be running the popular Christians Against Poverty money course, which teaches a simple cash-based system that helps people know how to build a household budget in a matter of weeks.

Graham Haldane, local CAP centre manager and money coach, said: “Many of us will have used credit cards or dipped into the overdraft to pay for Christmas. Our message is: please don’t struggle on! Now really is the best time to put things in order and we can help to get your head in gear and take the practical steps to sort things out. When you know what you have in your account, and you know where it’s going, you can plan for any big expenses like car repairs and the stress is taken away.”

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A team from Clitheroe gained training from UK charity Christians Against Poverty to put on the courses that now see more than 10,000 people gain money management skills each year. One person who went on the course, said: “I heard about the CAP money course from a friend. I wanted to pay off my credit card and stay out of my overdraft. It changed my life! I never thought it could be so easy, but the CAP money system is so simple.”

Graham said: “Around three quarters of the people who turn to Christians Against Poverty for debt help across the UK say they had problem debt, partly because they didn’t have any tuition in budgeting and money management. We would rather people in our area have the skills to avoid serious debt problems and the best thing about the CAP money system is that it’s flexible, so as your income or outgoings change, it can help you stay on top.”

The course takes place on Tuesdays 17th, 24th and 31st March, from 7-15 to 9-30pm, at St James’ Church, St James’ Street, Clitheroe. To book your place, book online at