'Christ in Islam' talk held by Building Bridges in Burnley group

Christ in Islam was the subject of a discussion organised by the Building Bridges in Burnley group.
The gathered guestsThe gathered guests
The gathered guests

Imam Mohammed Hussain Sajidul Hashmiul Qadri, one of most learned and prominent Islamic scholars in the North West and known as Imam Hashmi, spoke alongside the Bishop of Burnley, the Rt Rev. Philip North, on the theological and practical similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam.

There are 114 references in 38 verses that relates the story of Jesus in the Holy Qu'ran. Furthermore, there is an entire chapter called Al Imran, the family of Jesus and another complete chapter Al Mariam on Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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It offered opportunity for the participants to learn and get an in-depth understanding of how the Muslim faith views the personality and role of Jesus the Messiah as the Christian celebration of Christmas got underway.

During the question and answer session, participants asked questions, some challenging, and others not usually asked and a lively and friendly interfaith debate took place.

Community leader and director of Building Bridges in Burnley Mozaquir Ali said: "I was very pleased to have received positive feedback and comments, which leads me to believe it was worth while organising it at this Christmas season."

Coun. Bea Foster said: "The talk has definitely increased greater understanding between our faiths and will go a long way in promoting better interfaith and community harmony."

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Imam Hashmi said: "I would like to thank BBB generally and Mozaquir Ali in particular for organising this event and feel humbled to have been able to host such a sincere gathering to learn with the intention to attain blessings and favours of Almighty God through remebrence one of His beloved representatives on earth.

"I felt spiritual peace and satisfaction by welcoming, talking, listening and eating togather with people of different fath and creed.

"By the grace of God and the positive, loving, caring and Holy atmosphere, the event certainly encouraged me to participate in the vital work of Building Bridges in Burnley in promoting peace and harmony in our community in the future."

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