Cbeebies star Andy and the Odd Socks visit lucky Clitheroe school

Presenter Andy Day, the Odd Socks band and pupils from the schoolPresenter Andy Day, the Odd Socks band and pupils from the school
Presenter Andy Day, the Odd Socks band and pupils from the school
Pupils at St Michael and St John's Primary School received a very special visit from the nation’s most in-demand live music act for children as lucky winners of the 2019 Odd Socks Day competition.

In aid of Odd Socks Day on November 12th, 2019, schools across the country last year donned their wackiest odd socks to celebrate individuality. All money raised went to the Anti Bullying Alliance, the charity that organises Odd Socks Day and aims to tackle bullying by encouraging others to think twice about their actions, words and attitudes towards others.

The competition, held throughout Anti-Bullying Week, saw St Michael and St John's RC Primary crowned as winners for their efforts in raising awareness around the day, encouraging pupils and teachers alike to show off their brightest odd socks with pride.

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Previewing songs from their new album, Who’s In The Odd Socks?, the band played to over 180 excited pupils at Michael and St John's ahead of their 2020 Spring tour. Children bopped along to songs from the album.

Youngsters enjoy the special performanceYoungsters enjoy the special performance
Youngsters enjoy the special performance

Speaking on their visit, Andy Day said: “It was so special to visit Clitheroe this week and to meet so many excited kids! The pupils at Michael and St John's RC Primary showed such

dedication towards Odd Socks Day and are incredibly worthy winners. We hope each child enjoyed the performance as much as we did, and we can’t wait to see a few familiar faces

joining us on tour!”

Mrs Z. M. Mabbott, headteacher of the school, said: “We are very passionate about taking part in Anti-Bullying Week each year, participating in Odd Socks Day is a way to make the day fun, whilst tackling serious issues. We were so excited to hear that we’d won a special performance from Andy and the Odd Socks, it’s not just the kids here who have thoroughly enjoyed today!”