Care home residents asking for a postcard from the public

Residents in a Hapton care home are asking the public to send them a postcard from their holidays.
Wordsworth House care home residents are hoping for a postcardWordsworth House care home residents are hoping for a postcard
Wordsworth House care home residents are hoping for a postcard

Whether you're going to Faro or Falkirk, Hapton or Honolulu, the residents of Wordsworth House want to hear from you.

The care home has launched a postcard appeal, to engage residents to reminisce and chat about the places they have visited, as well as promote interest in destinations they may not have been to.

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Members of the community are being asked to send postcards from wherever they go on holiday this summer, with a short message to the residents of Wordsworth House.

Debbie Marples, home manager at Wordsworth House, said: “We’ve launched this campaign to stimulate conversation in Wordsworth House. It’s really beneficial for our residents, especially those living with dementia, to reflect on past experiences and share memories. They’ll also really brighten up our notice boards.

“We’re really proud to be part of the community in Hapton. Any help in achieving our project, would be greatly appreciated. Our residents will love seeing all the different places people are travelling to this year. So if you have a spare few minutes, please do send us a postcard. If you’d prefer, bring it in yourself, we’ll be delighted to welcome you for a cup of tea.”

Harold Kay, age 88, a resident at Wordsworth House, said: “Everybody used to send postcards. Once upon a time, no holiday was complete without a search for stamps or a long wait in a post office. Nowadays, mobile phones have overshadowed the humble postcard, which is a real shame.”

Cards can be posted directly to Wordsworth House, Wordsworth Street, Hapton, Burnley BB12 7JX

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