Calls for action to end deaths on Burnley danger road

A demand for a higher police presence and a passionate appeal for young drivers to curb their speed has been made after the latest road crash fatality on a dangerous Burnley road.
The Burnley Express is urging motorists to curb their speed in the Colne Road areaThe Burnley Express is urging motorists to curb their speed in the Colne Road area
The Burnley Express is urging motorists to curb their speed in the Colne Road area

The Burnley Express has spoken to local politicians following the death of 17-year-old Fayyaz Ahmed, from Brierfield who was the passenger in an Audi which collided with a parked coach and car in the Reedley area of Colne Road earlier this month.

Two more serious accidents took place on the same road just days later, prompting long-held fears in the local community that even fatal accidents were not deterring the mainly young drivers who are regularly witnessed speeding through the area.

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Despite approaches from the Burnley Express for a comment, Lancashire Police, Lancashire Road Safety Partnership and Lancashire County Council have still not provided one.

Another young man, Yasir Khan (23) from Burnley died when he was the passenger in a Mazda which hit a lampost in Colne Road during a police pursuit in September 2018.

Brierfield town councillor Mohammad Hanif said the message was still not getting through to young drivers, and said that he believed cuts to policing numbers had led to a reduced visible presence.

Coun. Hanif said: "Brierfield is a very small tight-knit community where everyone knows each other. Everyone is deeply upset and shocked about what happened to Fayyaz. It has affected the whole community.

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"Sadly, the two accidents just a few days after shows that drivers aren't heeding the warnings. There has been a breakdown in communication between the elders and youngsters sadly. They don't appreciate the danger of speeding but I will say that this is only a minority.

"However, I also believe that there simply aren't enough police on our streets and roads anymore. I am not blaming the police for this because I know they have been hit with a lot of cuts. That said, there has to be more of a presence. When you see a police car or camera on the road then you immediately slow down."

In response to local concerns, officers from the neighbourhood policing team carried out speed checks on Colne Road last month, but were criticised on social media by members of the public who said the checks were done at the wrong time of day.

Burnley north east county councillor Terry Burns said his thoughts were with the families of those affected by the serious accidents, but also called on motorists to park more responsibly in the area.

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He said: "I receive quite a few complaints from local people about youngsters speeding through the area. I would urge these young drivers to take note of the serious consequences of speeding and slow down.

"It should also be said that a lot of people in the area park inconsiderately, which can reduce sight lines and contribute to accidents."