Burnley's Dave Fishwick shares his unique money-saving tips for a 'staycation' with Vernon Kay and Rochelle Humes on ITV This Morning

Burnley businessman and upcoming Netflix sensation Dave Fishwick has urged national TV viewers to take a holiday up north this summer.

The colourful character, who has added to his already huge fanbase with amiable performances on breakfast TV this year, was back on the ITV This Morning sofa recently, chatting about how to get the best deals on a staycation.

Chatting to fellow northerner Vernon Kay and co-host Rochelle Humes, Dave urged viewers to get up north for their summer hols.

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He said: “It’s all about location, you could save a fortune and head north. We’ve some wonderful locations – Scotland, the Lake District, Blackpool, Morecambe, Burnley...”

Dave Fishwick chats staycations with Vernon Kay and Rochelle Humes on ITV This Morning

Dave, who made his fortune selling minibuses from Colne, and now lives in the Ribble Valley, went on to offer a host of tips on how to save money while on holiday.

"Research for discounted activities. A lot of restaurants have early-bird menus.

"Another secret is to book direct. Give the hotel a call and ask to speak to the manager or the owner because they will make a decision where you get it cheaper. Make friends before you go, it’s just words. You can get things like free child places, a free breakfast, you might even get a free glass of wine,” he added.

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Dave also advised to book hotels a couple of miles out from popular resorts, share cottages with friends wherever possible and use public transport.

"I got on to Pendle Council recently and asked how much it was for a weekly bus pass - £16.50, jump on bus as much as you can, up Pendle Hill, down the other side, Clitheroe.”

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He also joked you should take “beef paste butties and prawn cocktail crisps” on walking trips, while offering tips on staycation transport.

"You can get train deals or local car rentals. Ask for a slightly older car. As long as it goes forwards and backwards you’re living the dream. Don’t go to the big names. Go local, use it or lose it.

"Budget your holdays. You don’t want to get to the end of the week and not have enough money for a chippy tea on a Friday. Very important.”