Burnley sisters raise more than just a glass with 'You Honk, We Drink' charity challenge

Two Burnley sisters have raised hundreds of pounds for charity after their 'You Honk, We Drink' challenge captured the town's imagination.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 12:30 pm
Siobhan and Bernadette Carroll

The 'absolutely fabulous' Siobhan and Bernadette Carroll brightened up an otherwise ordinary Saturday afternoon when armed with two pink placards, and a couple of bottles of wine, they set up camp outside Worsthorne's Sam in the Village hair salon.

For five hours, the determined pair refused to quit as they heroically endured mouthful after mouthful of wine each time a passing motorist pipped their horn.

Asked if they had put in much training for the challenge, Siobhan said: "We did a bit, yes."

What started out as bit of joke quickly turned into a real fundraising feat with hundreds of generous passers-by throwing change into collection buckets throughout the day.

The current total raised stands at £600 with every penny going to Pendleside Hospice. Siobhan said she will count the rest when her head's "right".

"We're still in shock," said Siobhan. "We thought we might raise £50. To raise over £600 is just incredible. We're so grateful to everybody who has donated. And to Sam for letting us sit outside her shop, and giving us an Alexa to play music through.

"It only started out as a bit of a laugh. We're always getting tagged in things on Facebook, and Bernadette's daughter tagged us in a post showing two women doing this. I told Bernadette if we're doing it we have to do it for charity.

"We still can't believe how many people came along. There were buses, taxis, even cyclists riding past ringing their bells. We only took two bottles of wine because we didn't expect so many people."

Fortunately, a number of visitors, including three Burnley landladies, dropped off another seven bottles. Come Sunday morning, one remained.

Their next challenge?

"A few of the villagers came by after and said they'd like us to do a charity event in the village square, once everything re-opens. We have a few ideas."