Burnley schoolgirl (six) praised for enterprising idea to help dog walkers keep streets clean

Dog walkers in Burnley have no excuse for not clearing up after their pets.. thanks to a very enterprising six-year-old girl!

Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 10:20 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 11:22 am
Alice Barnett (six) has been praised for coming up with an eco friendly way to keep the streets of her hometown clean and free from dog mess.

Alice Barnett was so impressed by a child in Somerset who came up with an idea of introducing dog poo bag holders to keep streets and parks free of dog mess she asked her family if she could do it in Burnley.

The simple idea involves recycling plastic pop bottles as dog poo bag holders.

The bottles have little doors cut into them and they are then filled with plastic bags and nappy sacks for dog walkers to help themselves to if they forget or run out of their own supply while out and about.

One of the children with her own dog poo bag holder.

Alice's dad, James Barnett, said: "Alice saw another child doing this on television and it really struck a chord for her."

Impressed with his daughter's forward thinking James decided to introduce the idea to St Stephen's 19th Burnley Beaver Scouts, where he is leader.

The youngsters loved the idea and there are now 28 of the bottles dotted at strategic points around the town popular with dog walkers. And the children have been heaped with praise their fantastic initiative.

James added: "The response has been so positive from everyone as it is such a great thing for the environment.

This little duo are chuffed with their efforts to keep the streets of Burnley free of dog mess.

"We have asked people to take pictures of the bottles and post them on social media to make people aware of where the bottles are and the children will take the project forward by going round and checking on the bottles to make sure they are always filled up."

The scheme is so popular that St Matthew's Cubs in Burnley, where Alice's big brother, Thomas (nine) is a member have now adopted it.

Another young campaigner with his holder placed strategically on a lamp-post.
This young man checks the bag holder is replenished for dog walkers on their evening stroll.
This little boy is thrilled with his efforts to make Burnley cleaner and safer for everyone.
There is no mistaking this young man's creation which he has labelled very clearly.