Burnley schoolgirl (seven) was in the driving seat to raise funds for equipment for her beloved dance school

A big hearted schoolgirl rolled up her sleeves and organised a sponsored car wash to raise funds for the dance school she loves to attend.

Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 7:00 am

And seven-year-old Isabella Dale raised £100 which will go towards new equipment for Basically Cheer and Fitness, run by Lianne Bruce.

Family, friends and neighbours supported Isabella by donating £5 to have their cars washed on the drive of her home in Burnley, and she had her 'assistants' who were mum, Clare (34) and 28-year-old dad maintenance engineer Josh, on hand to help.

Clare said: "People put in more than £5 and we even received donations from people who didn't have their cars washed.

Isabella Dale (seven) raised £100 for her dance school by washing cars

"Isabella worked so hard all day and didn't stop."

Isabella had a collection bucket for her customers who she thanked with a new air freshener for their vehicle.

The family were among dozens of students and their families who have helped Lianne as their way of thanking her for keeping people's spirits up during lockdown.

Because while normal classes could not take place Lianne staged a series of online cheerleading classes at a reduced cost to keep youngsters doing what they love.

Isabella with her dance coach Lianne Bruce

Knowing how vital exercise can be in helping mental health Lianne also hosted lots of fun themed virtual classes for both adults and children along with a week of free virtual fitness classes for anyone to join in with.

Clare, who is a paraplanner, said: "Dancing is one of the main things that got Isabella through lockdown.

"She is an only child so didn't have a brother or sister to play with and with me and her dad still working full time we didn't have the time to play with her like we wanted.

"So being able to dance with her friends on Zoom was a lifesaver. Isabella has loved each and every class.

"We have even done make up classes, been shown how to do our hair and had a fun bingo night.

"Lianne is one of the most caring and thoughtful people I know so when she asked for our help fundraising for new equipment we knew we had to do something special."

The family came up with the idea of the car wash as something they could do together but also observe covid regulations. It also showed Isabella, who is a pupil at St Augustine's RC Primary School, where she is known as "Panda' because of her love for the animal, that she has to work hard to earn her money!

Clare added: "It was a tiring day but was so worthwhile as we have been able to give a little back to this little gem in our community

"Together our little cheer family can achieve anything, so hopefully we will have enough for our new equipment very soon."