Burnley schoolgirl (eight) on caring mission with her dad to help people realise they do have 'a wonderful life'

She may only be eight but Nyla Duthoit is a little girl with a big heart.. and a budding designer to boot!

The unique tie-dye 'hoodies' she made were so popular with friends and family that when other people saw them they started putting in requests.

So a little production line has been set up at Nyla's home in Burnley, with the help of mum Elizabeth who sources the tops for Nyla to create her magic.

The hoodies are now being sold to raise cash for the charity, The Wonderful Life Academy, which Nyla's dad Matt is a well being coach for.

Nyla models one of her unique tie-dye hoodies she is making to help the charity her dad works for

Launched by Bury man Neil Gowing the academy brings together a combination of coaching techniques with NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and a heavy dose of positive attitude to help individual's improve their well-being and be the best they can be.

Named in homage of the iconic film, It's A Wonderful Life, the academy is working towards a goal of helping 1M people improve their well being.The strategy has always been to do this in the community, in the workplace and in education. And the primary objective is now to provide free well-being workshops for frontline workers.

This includes NHS staff, emergency services, retail workers, carers, public service workers, teachers, support workers and transport workers.

Matt's role as a well being coach is perhaps more poignant in the fact that last year he lost both his parents in the same month. His dad Ken died on October 9th, after suffering a heart attack, and just a couple of weeks later, on October 31st, his wife and childhood sweetheart, Pam died.


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The Duthoits, mum and dad Elizabeth and Matt with Nyla and Hugo

A closeknit family, Matt's parents were, and continue to be, his inspiration.

When Matt, who is 35 and works as operations manager at Morrison's in the North West, first started coaching he did a little exercise with the family and Nyla loved it.

Elizabeth (36) who is a hairdresser at Whalley's Lusso Hair, said: "A few weeks passed and Nyla noticed her daddy was feeling sad so she used her Wonderful Life Academy positive thinking to give him some things to think about which instantly lifted him.


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"And that's what prompted her to ask what she could do to help the charity.

Matt and Elizabeth on their wedding day with Matt's parents, Ken and Pam.

"We are so proud of Nyla and how she wants to help people just like her daddy does."

The hoodies are being sold on Matt's facebook page, Matt's Wonderful Life Academy, and so far Nyla, who also has a little brother Hugo who is four, has made around 30 for children and adults who can't get enough of them.