Burnley schoolchildren encouraged to enter Royal Mail design a stamp competition

Schoolchildren across Burnley and Padiham are being encouraged to enter the Royal Mail’s latest stamp design competition.

The deadline for competition entries is May 28th. Photo: Getty
The deadline for competition entries is May 28th. Photo: Getty

The competition, which will see a new stamp collection of eight designs created, is intended to honour heroes of the coronavirus pandemic, featuring those who have kept the community going over the past year.

For more than 50 years Royal Mail’s Special Stamp programme has commemorated British history and achievement, honouring scientists and explorers, writers, artists, musicians, athletes, and Prime Ministers.

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However to commemorate key workers who have continued to work throughout the pandemic the Royal Mail is set to commission a collection of stamps to be designed by school aged children with cash prizes and the opportunity to have their design printed as one of the new collection.

Burnley MP Antony Higginbotham MP said: “This is a unique opportunity and is the first design competition for non-Christmas stamps.

"It would be fantastic to see children from across the borough submit entries that pay tribute to the hard work of key workers and frontline staff across Burnley and Padiham.

"For those who do enter I’d like to wish them the very best of luck and I look forward to seeing their creativity.”

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All the information needed about the competition is available on the Royal Mail website at www.royalmail.com/stampcompetition.

The competition is already open for submissions with a deadline of May 28th.