Burnley, Pendle, and Ribble Valley gardening tips for the chilly winters months

Green-fingered residents in Burnley, Pendle, and the Ribble Valley rejoice! While your sheds may have laid dormant over the last few months as the cold and the rain came sweeping through, a few tips are on offer to liven up even the most winter-trodden garden this January.

From vivid winter heather and the classic Christmas rose, to tough firebird flax lily and traditional witch hazel, outdoor specialists BillyOh.com have researched a dozen of the best flowers and shrubs to place in British gardens this winter and have come up with a dozen hardy, bright-flowering evergreens.

Winter gardening is an unforgiving job at the best of times, but a few smartly-selected flora can make a big difference, with a gardening expert saying: “We passionately believe that predictably rubbish British weather this winter should be no excuse for accepting a dilapidated garden.

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"An outdoor space should be the pride of any home and the envy of neighbours, even when the cold and rain sets in," they added. “A lot of far-eastern varieties seem to thrive in tough conditions, along with some classics that are native to this island. Filling your garden with yellow, pink, purple and red flowers on evergreen plants will really stand make it out in a sea of boring brown backyards this winter.”

Here is BillyOh's list:

- Harry Hotspur (Primula Auricula): These beautiful primulas are semi-evergreen and will withstand the worst of the winter before blooming brightly at the start of the new year.

- Heather (Calluna Vulgaris): Found naturally in moorland, winter-flowering heather is great in pots or bedding, can live for several years and will add pinks, purples and whites to drab winter gardens.

- Sow Bread (Cyclamen Hederifolium): The ivy-leaved version is the hardiest cyclamen species and will thrive throughout a cold British winter with beautiful flowers.

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- Christmas Rose (Helleborus Niger): A evergreen and long-lasting buttercup, the Christmas rose has all the beauty of a wild white rose but is much more robust when the weather worsens.

- Firebird (Flax Lily - Phormium): ‘Firebird’ flax lilies are another evergreen perennial that retain their strong leathery leaves and distinctive colours throughout the year in a range of soils.

- Elephant’s Ears (Claire Maxine - Bergenia): Rhizomatous ‘elephant’s ears’ bergenia, also known as Claire Maxine, will bulk out garden bedding with drooping red foliage during the colder months.

- Tsatsumi Gold (Hinoki Cypress – Chamaecyparis Obtusa): Coniferous tsatsumi gold shrubs can bring lovely, subtle yellow-golden hues all the way from their native Japan to dull winter gardens in Britain.

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- Witch Hazel (Wisley Supreme – Hamamelis Mollis): Distinctive yellow to red witch hazel is a fragrant and textured shrub that will flower during the winter in all British gardens.

- Korean Feather Reed Grass (Calamagrostis Brachytricha): This far-eastern feather grass will bring unique silver tones to make outdoor spaces stand out against the neighbours.

- Common Sage (Tricolor – Saliva Officinalis): The common tri-colour sage is a versatile evergreen shrub that can liven up British backyards this winter with grey-green leaves and purple flowers.

- Grand Prix (Camellia Japonica): The camellia is another Asian winter hero – a dynamic shrub with bright flowers that jump out from its leathery leaves, it is sometimes known as the Rose of Winter.

- Angelina (Sedum Rupestre): Clusters of little yellow flowers on the evergreen Angelina will sprout either side of the height of winter and in any soil that isn’t sodden.