Burnley Council 'chasing its tail' over incessant fly-tipping on town's back streets

Fly-tipping is becoming so prevalent on Burnley's back streets that the council has admitted that as soon as one lot of rubbish is cleared more appears.
The dumped rubbish on Ford StreetThe dumped rubbish on Ford Street
The dumped rubbish on Ford Street

Burnley Borough Council was responding after a disgruntled resident slammed them for not responding quickly enough to clean up following fly-tipping

Mr ​Marc Hunt, who has just returned to live in Burnley following several years away, told the Express he had contacted Burnley Council several times in recent months to report fly-tipping on the back alley of his home in Ford Street, Daneshouse, but often had to wait too long for it to be cleared.

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Mr Hunt said: "I have fairly recently moved back to Burnley after a few years away and I am shocked by the state of Burnley Council and its Streetscene department.

"As you can see from the photo this is the state of my backstreet 24 hours a day a day virtually every day.

"I have complained several times to the council and put complaints in on their website. Sometimes they respond, but not always."

A Burnley Council spokesman said: "It's completely unacceptable for someone to dump rubbish like this. When we received the complaint we immediately sent an officer out to investigate to try and find evidence on who is responsible so that we can take action against them.

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"We also instructed our street cleansing team to go out and tidy up the back street. Unfortunately this is a regular occurrence and as soon as we clean it up more rubbish is left. There's no excuse for dumping rubbish like this and if anyone has evidence as to who is doing it then we want to hear from them."

Anyone who has evidence of fly-tipping can contact Burnley Council by email on [email protected].