Burnley and District Historical Society talk on 'emigrating from Swaledale to Burnley'

“Emigrating to Burnley from Swaledale” was the subject of the latest talk at Burnley and District Historical Society.

Phil Batman presented the illustrated lecture which was well received by the audience.

Mr Batman, a professor of pathology, is now retired and researches social aspects of migrations in the industrial revolution of Victorian England.

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He described the decline of lead mining in Swaledale when the mines became “worked out” and the consequent decline in population due to emigration from the area in order to find employment elsewhere.

Using census records, he established that many people emigrating from Swaledale moved to the Burnley area.

There was evidence of “chain migration” when an emigrant from an area, when settled, would communicate back to others with details of what employment was available in the area resulting in others following suit.

The next lecture entitled “The Two Toms” by Nick Burton takes place on Wednesday November 8th at 2pm at St John’s Church Hall, Ivy Street.

Members and guests welcome.

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