Bid to help Nelson's British youth champion keep dancing

Nelson, and indeed Britain’s, Juvenile Dance Champion, 12-year-old Tomasz Kocimski, dances to defend his title this week.

The competition attracts the best young dancers from across the world and takes place in the Empress Ballroom at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens from Thursday 12th to Monday, August 16th.

His dance teacher, Jackie Sanderson from Sanderson Dance in Nelson, has taught dozens of British Champions including four of her children who teach at the school.

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She stated: “You know when you see the signs of a champion. Tomasz started dancing when he was five and I spotted it after just two weeks. He’s a natural, with a dancer’s physique, instincts, the right frame of mind and work ethic.”

Tomasz with 'Strictly Come Dancing' star Neil Jones and another young dancerTomasz with 'Strictly Come Dancing' star Neil Jones and another young dancer
Tomasz with 'Strictly Come Dancing' star Neil Jones and another young dancer

Tomasz won the British Juvenile Dance Champion title at the age of 9, competing against dancers who were two and three years older than him.

“No-one else has done that. Judges always recognise his star quality,” said Jackie.

“Blackpool is the world’s dance capital. Dancers who win at the British Championship are the best in the world."

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But the brilliant young dancer faces a bigger challenge after this week’s British Championship. In a few weeks Tomasz will move up into the 12–16 years dance category where his expenses increase dramatically.

The cost of travel, training in London, dance lessons, competition entries, dance shoes and competition clothes, including tail suits, adds up to nearly £9,000 a year.

Jackie is reaching out to local businesses to sponsor Tomasz and to anyone who’d like to offer any support to him, as the next four years are vital for his future as a dancer.

“If we can raise £5,000 or £6,000 towards his yearly expenses he will be able to keep going and we are offering sponsorship packages so businesses or individuals can feel part of his success.

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"We will also hold tea dances to raise funds for this exceptional young dancer,” she added.

Any business or individual who’d like to help Tomasz keep dancing and competing should get in touch with Jackie Sanderson via her email: [email protected] or ring Jackie on 01282 617722.

Tomasz’ mum Justyna Tkocz, is a single parent and has taken on two jobs to finance his dancing, but the additional expenses are a step too far for her.

She said: “I’ve saved every penny to keep him dancing, he’s got such a talent and true love and passion for it.

“But the costs are getting too expensive for me to support him on my own and Jackie knew it would be heartbreaking for all of us if he had to give up dancing."