Banner in support of climate Bill appears on historic Clitheroe Castle

A back the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill banner was tied to the railings of Clitheroe Castle as part of a nationwide campaign.

Similar banners were displayed in over 120 locations across the country on a variety of buildings, bridges and even boats.

The Bill is designed to help in the reversal of climate and ecological breakdown by asking the Government to take responsibility for its part in greenhouse-gas emissions; to restore biodiverse habitats in the UK; and to reduce damage to the environment caused by the production, transportation, and disposal of goods.

A local spokesman said: "Local alliances of individuals, groups and businesses are being formed to encourage MPs to back the CEE Bill and more than 100 have already pledged their support.

Campaigners displayed the banner on the railings of Clitheroe Castle


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"Local authorities too are being encouraged to adopt the key principles in drawing up their own climate action plans in order to achieve a carbon neutral outcome by 2030."