Adorable Clitheroe couple born at same hospital on same day marry 23 years later

There is no excuse for forgetting a birthday in the Barsby household.

The newlyweds ...Drs James and Amy Barsby
The newlyweds ...Drs James and Amy Barsby

For newlyweds James and Amy Barsby (nee Gaffney) were born at the same hospital on the same day and 23 years later have tied the knot.

And the coincidences don’t just stop there.

James is one of a twin as is Amy. And Amy has become the third generation of her family to marry at St Peter’s Church in Salesbury!

Three generations of Amy's family were married at the same church

Her father, Tony Gaffney married Judith Gaffney (nee Senior) at the church in 1990 and her grandfather, Henry Senior married Jeanette Senior (nee Wood) in 1965.

James and Amy were born at Queen’s Park Hospital in Blackburn, just five hours apart, in September 1995 and even though the families kept in touch when the duo were younger, they went their separate ways until fate brought them back together as students.

James, who last week celebrated following in the footsteps of his late father Mick and graduating from Manchester Medical School, said: “Our parents knew of each other for the first year and then lost touch. However, when we started Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, there was mention that ‘the other set of twins born on the same day’ were starting too. Then that’s where Amy and I met in Year 10.”

And it seems the families have so many more reasons to celebrate.


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The Barsbys are delighted to be celebrating the graduation of James’ twin brother, Christian, who also qualified as a doctor from Manchester Medical School on the same day as his brother, while Amy graduates from medical school at Lancaster University this week.

James and Amy honeymooned in Slovenia and are due to jet off for a well-deserved rest in Rhodes before they begin their working lives as doctors.