10 photos of Burnley people taking on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge to support those bereaved by suicide

A group of 60 Burnley people have taken on the Three Yorkshire Peaks to help those bereaved by suicide.

Support After Suicide’s latest fundraiser has brought its total to more than £4,000, which will pay for specialist counselling for people whose loved ones have taken their own lives.

Trish Buck, one of five charity founders, is among those who took to the mountains over the Bank Holiday weekend with personal experience of this type of bereavement.

“Suicide is a complex and tragic phenomenon that affects many people in different ways. There is no single cause or explanation for why someone might take their own life.

"After I had come back from the most gruelling thing I think I have ever done, I got talking to a guy who wasn’t in our group but had so upsettingly lost eight of his friends to suicide. He talked that he had done the Three Peaks purely for his own mental well-being and that the subject itself isn’t discussed about enough and is still a topic people don’t want to address. He thanked me and our charity for doing what we had done and to keep spreading the word.

"It was people like him, friends and family but especially [my sister] Sharon, [niece] Devon, and the loss of Mark, my brother-in-law, which made me dig in and find as much resolve as I could so I could complete the challenge and make sure other people would hopefully get the help and support they need.”

Trish’s niece, Devon Chapman, says she also found strength by reminding herself that it was all for a good cause.

“Doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks was one of the most physically exhausting experiences of my life but I was able to push through knowing we were raising money for such a worthy cause. My friends coming from all across the country to support me also helped a lot.”

Devon’s mum, Sharon, also a founder, said: “I was so proud of all the people who joined us. Many people asked about our cause and most people had a story to tell. We received cash from people on the peaks and in the pub at the end. I know we are going to make a difference but also wish we didn't have too.”

The group is already making a difference to people’s lives, with one woman accessing specialist counselling after her son’s death thanks to previous fundraisers.

Janine Hoban, who thanked everyone who donated, said: “I just wanted to share this message and hope it shows how valuable what we are doing is. As most of you will know, my son took his own life in May and just knowing and speaking to people in this group, people who have been affected by suicide, has helped me massively, not only that but they have helped me secure some much needed counselling from specialist councillors with a greater understanding of this particular grief, so thank you.”

To make a donation, please visit https://gofund.me/4fe10a54

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