Pendle Witches spook visitors to Blackpool Tower Dungeon

visitors to the Blackpool Tower Dungeon this autumn are likely to find themselves spellbound by one of the attractions on offer.

For the exhibits on display will involve a modern-day show telling the story of the Pendle Witch trials of the early 17th Century.

A spokesman for Merlin Entertainments, which has rejuvenated the West Coast resort in conjunction with Blackpool Council, said the dungeon would provide visitors with a “chilling encounter” with the Witchfinder General describing his crusade against witches, before moving on to a forest setting with victims hanging from some of the trees.

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He said the disembodied voice of one of them would identify herself as the spirit of leading Pendle Witch Alice Nutter - and tell her story.

“Dungeon visitors are likely to then find themselves accused of witchcraft – and be escorted to the dungeon’s own terrifying gallows,” he said.

The Tower Dungeon is due to open in September.