Part Two: The Good, the Bad and the really Stupid

In the centre of town, Jerry was for some reason in a happy, happy mood.

Jerry was always in a bouncy happy mood, being a kangaroo, but this mood was happier. He was at his theatre making sure he had all his props and costumes, accompanied by his wife Mary.

“One red nose, another red nose, and another red no…”

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“Jerry!! I don’t want a running commentary of everything you do, just count to yourself. Or I may be forced to attack you with this rather large ostrich feather,” said Mary, menacingly waving a large feather which was unwillingly donated by their friend Roger.

Jerry was still and quiet, his eyes slowly moved in Mary’s direction. He had a devilish smile on his face, their eyes met.

“One wig, and yet another red….”

Jerry was attacked by the large feather and sat on by his wife. It didn’t last for long but when the attack was over Jerry was left with tears running down his cheeks and a severe case of the hiccups, which now and again included the odd burp. Jerry always said that it is an art to be able to hiccup and burp at the same time.

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The door opened, and in walked DF, Roebin, Stew and Patreece. The four brothers, are responsible for the music in Mais town. The Band is called The Scrobies, and they play in Jerry’s theatre, and outside the café by Drex harbour. Roebin plays the piano, Stew plays the drums, Patreece and DF play guitar, with DF as the singer. Patreece is a mute, who has never uttered a word, but is a brilliant guitar player.

“Well hello you lot, come, hic! to do a bit of practicing? Don’t mind us, hic!, we’re stock taking,” said Jerry.

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“Hi, you two, we’ve just popped in to do some marmalading,” said Stew.

“Jamming,” said DF, “Just jamming.”

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“I like Jamming too,” said Mary.

“Cool,” said stew simply.

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DF and Patreece, were carrying their guitars on their backs, whereas Roebin and Stew, had to push their instruments, but the piano, and drum, were mounted on little wheels, to make it easier to move.

“So what, hic!, have you been up to?” asked Jerry.

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“Writing a new song, about life as an Animal,” said Roebin.

“What’s it called?” said Mary, as she got up from the floor.

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“The Animal song,” replied DF.

“Oh! Lovely,” said Jerry and Mary together.

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On the outskirts of town, Russell and his nephew Maff, were busy being inventive. Inventiveness was in a their nature, and has always been in the Koala family.

“Uncle,” Maff gave a slight pause, then again a little louder, “Uncle !!”

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Russell stopped his banging, and removed his eye protecting see throughers, and looked at Maff. “Did you call?”

“Yes Uncle, you wanted me to remind you when the time was getting near your meeting.” Maff is Russell’s apprentice and was a keen learner and an avid listener to his Uncle’s adventures.

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“Oh yes, yes you’re right, it is getting close to the time, yes, yes.” Russell stepped away from a large wooden something, even Russell doesn’t know what it is yet. He grabbed his bag, which he carries with him always, and started to walk towards the door. He stopped before he opened it and said to Maff, “You’re in charge, as always, and don’t touch that red button.”

“Uncle, it’s green, and don’t worry I”ll take care of the place.” Maff grabbed the door as his Uncle left, smiled and said goodbye to him. Maff closed the door and turned round leaning against it, sighed and said, “Peace at last.”

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Russell isn’t always in a dither, most of the time he is quite calm and relaxed, but when he is the middle of an invention his mind can’t seem to concentrate. He was getting a bit frustrated because he was really close to completing his latest invention, but had to leave it to go to the town hall to the meeting.

The sun was starting to indicate the afternoon, the days were not as hot as they have been recently. It was coming to the end of the hot time, and soon it will be amber cool time. Amber cool time was Russell’s favourite time, mainly because he feels cooler and can think clearer and is able to get more work done, even though there is less daylight.

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One of his best inventions was the Moveable Sun Lighter Upper. Russell found that the sap from the seed pods on the Waxonite tree, makes great light. What you do is put the sap into a wood bowl or half a coconut shell, get an old tough piece of vine, stick it in the bowl and light it. It produces a bright light, mind you it took a few attempts to get it right, because before, Russell was lighting the vine before the sap had soaked into it, and being dry it burned quickly with a sort of mini explosion. It only took eight days for Russell’s eyebrows to grow back. Jerry was present when that happened, and Russell says that the burning of the eyebrows didn’t hurt. Not as much as it did when Jerry put the flames out with a large piece of wood.