Parrot flies in to feed in Brierfield

Brierfield man David Lewis is used to different types of birds taking seeds from the feeder in the back garden of his home in Hawkswood Gardens.

Parrot India
Parrot India

But one type of bird he certainly did not expect to see helping itself was a parrot India!

The green parrot was first spotted on Saturday afternoon and has been back several times since.

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“I was alerted to the bird by my wife, Joyce, who had seen it through the kitchen window,” said Mr Lewis.

“I have no idea where it has come from but think it must be a domestic pet which has escaped.

“I have rung the vets who passed me on to the RSPCA, but they are not prepared to come out to it unless I can catch it.

“I have also posted a message online in a bid to track down the owner.

“I have seen various types of bird on the feeder but never anything like this.”

If you can help Mr Lewis find the owner of the parrot, call him on 01282 696041.