Parents warning after death of son (31) reveals money worries

THE heartbroken parents of a Burnley man who died after collapsing in the street last month have warned other people not to suffer in silence after it emerged he was experiencing money worries.

Matthew Bracewell (31), of Oxford Street, Brierfield, was discovered by police around 4am on Sunday, May 27th. He was taken to the Royal Blackburn Hospital where he later died.

His parents Mr and Mrs Graham and Sharon Bracewell, who described Matthew as “a gentle giant,” have since found out he was living in poverty.

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When they visited his home to collect his personal effects they discovered he had not received job seekers’ allowance for seven months after his benefit was stopped and he was having problems paying his rent.

There were also a number of letters from bailiffs.

An inquest into Matthew’s death has been opened and adjourned by Blackburn Coroner Mr Michael Singleton.

Until the inquest is held later this year, Mr and Mrs Bracewell will not know how Matthew died but they said they fear the pressure caused by his finance troubles could have caused him unnecessary stress.

He used to visit his parents’ house in Colne Road, Burnley, regularly and had suffered from a perforated ear drum for the last six years but he never revealed the extent of his financial troubles.

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Mr and Mrs Bracewell, who both suffer from ill-health, said they believe he did not want to worry them.

Mrs Bracewell said: “I knew something was wrong. He came round and just sat watching television. He didn’t say anything to anybody. He had been suffering from depression but he hadn’t said anything to his brothers.

“He didn’t know who to turn to.”

Matthew, one of seven children, was a keen cyclist and snooker player and had been out playing snooker with one of his brothers and a friend the night before he died.

Mr Bracewell added: “It’s shocked the whole family to find out he was having money worries.

“We all wish he’d said something to us. I’d urge anyone who is having similar problems to seek advice.

“We are hoping that after the inquest we will have some answers.”