Pals' flipping hard challenge

Two pals put their big feet forward when they took on a four mile walk for charity '“ in flippers.
Josh and David set off from the hospiceJosh and David set off from the hospice
Josh and David set off from the hospice

Josh Hindle and David Smith made some giant strides on their walk from Pendleside Hospice to Pendle Leisure Centre – the second of their year-long set of challenges for the hospice.

The pair asked the public to dream up 12 original challenges for them to take on and raise money for the worthy local cause.

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Josh (25) said: “We were extremely grateful for everyone that came to take part in our flipper walk. Roughly around 30 people came which was a fantastic turn out.

“Having not really been able to practice for this type of challenge, we didn’t really know what to expect. It was hard work, really hard work, and our hips have been incredibly sore since but are on their way back to normal.”

The pair stopped for roughly 30 minutes at the Spinning Mill pub for a refreshment break before continuing the remainder of the walk.

Josh added: “We were blown away by all the generous businesses that waited outside and donated. There are too many to mention but the generosity of those that came out to see us and who pulled over to donate helped us raise £240 in a few hours.

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“The last walk from Asda to Pendle Leisure Centre was the hardest. Our feet were crippled and the flippers were starting to cut in.

The pair have planned an end of year celebration for their Hospice Challenge for all to attend at Nelson Cricket Club on Saturday, December 30th.