Padiham girl is #SingItKitty TV sensation

A young Padiham songstress has become a national sensation after appearing in a mobile phone advert with a singing cat.

Five-year-old Jolie Forrest flying through a cul-de-sac on her little pink bicycle in purrrfect harmony to the sound of Starship’s “We Built This City” has become an internet phenomenon since airing on TV last week.

The #SingItKitty video, which also features the extravagantly named CGI moggy Simcris Bronte Bronyjoy is mobile phone network Three’s latest blockbuster ad and is already closing in on two million views on YouTube.

Padiham Green pupil Jolie, whose uncle is stage star Andrew Derbyshire, has been with an agency since the age of three. She was chosen for the role after going up against 600 other girls at an open audition in Manchester last September.


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Proud parents Jodie and Adam, who live in Cambridge Drive, said their daughter was completely unfazed by her new found stardom.

“She was actually spotted at Andrew’s 30th party in London so the agent is a friend of the family,” said Jodie. “She rang up saying there was an open audition for children in Manchester. She went in and just belted out Jessie J’s ‘Mama Knows Best’. Two of the producers, who were from LA, apparently fell in love with her straight away.

“We got a call two days later saying she has been recalled to Manchester again. This time she had to learn ‘Livin On A Prayer’ by Bon Jovi. Because she’s only five I had to read it to her but she picked it up straight away. When she finished everybody was cheering. They played it again and put her on a bike. We didn’t think anything of it and we just went away thinking it had been an amazing experience. Two days later we got a call saying she had been pencilled in.”

Jolie, who goes to dancing at Energize and has just joined BASICs theatre school, filmed the ad at the end of October.


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“It was unreal,” said Jodie. “She was shooting for a week, she had two body doubles and there were 90 crew members there. Jolie just took it all in her stride though.

“When the advert came on after ‘This Morning’ on Friday we all watched it and afterwards Jolie said ‘Can we watch Little Mermaid now?’”

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