What will come next after Black Friday?

Black Friday is just around the corner. In fact, it is next week. Black Friday is a so-called '˜Bargains Galore' 24 hours that we imported from the States several years ago.

Black Friday looks like it's here to stay
Black Friday looks like it's here to stay

Our first Black Friday sparked riotous scenes at shops across the country.

Fisticuffs ensued as shoppers battled to grab basement cost televisions and other goods.

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Thankfully, the fervour seems to have died down a lot and a more sensible approach has been adopted by stores everywhere.

In fact, the massive rise in online purchasing has also played its part in calming the day. It seems to me that as austerity bites even harder many retailers have a year-long sale now, although the retail price index may suggest otherwise.

Still, it looks like Black Friday is now permanently inked on our calendar. I wonder what will be the next big day to be imported from across the pond? Grandparents’ Day is already growing in populartity here.

We have yet to embrace Pets’ Day, but I would not bet against it making an appearance soon. Sadly, I have a feeling that an Editor’s Day is a long way off yet!