The daily dilemmas of a '50 something' mum who still feels like she is 21 | Tracey Smith

As I’m nearing 52 years old in the next few weeks, I feel I need to discuss the many dilemmas I face on a daily basis.

By Tracey Smith
Sunday, 9th May 2021, 7:40 pm
Burnley Express columnist Tracey Smith intends to grow old disgracefully!
Burnley Express columnist Tracey Smith intends to grow old disgracefully!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a little bit crackers, I love to dress up in crazy fancy dress costumes and basically 'act the goat.'

I think my children have more sense than me! Inside I feel I am 21 with a mental age of a six year old. Ever the joker and always pranking someone.

So why do I struggle with my dress sense, how to have my hair, my make up style now that I am in

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my 50’s? Don’t get me wrong, 50 is not old and I’m not saying that. I am just struggling to transition into the maturer lady.

I still love to go out and dance the night away. Go to gigs and let my hair down. Attend festivals and feel it my given right to get my face painted. Do I look ridiculous doing all this? I don’t know and basically, I don’t care.

The good old saying “You are only here once," well absolutely and I want to ensure I enjoy every minute!

However, I seem to have lost the ability to have a dress sense or a particular style. Do I need to look

cool and trendy or just smart and sophisticated? Sadly, it seems I mix the whole lot together and leave the house looking like the eccentric Danny La Rue!

Why isn’t there a course at night school on “How to dress for your age”?? I feel any pointers on this subject would be beneficial right now.

Now let’s talk hair. During lockdown, and not being able to attend my hairdressers, I made the decision to go grey disgracefully. I have started the transition and personally cannot wait to see the end results. I have recently joined a group on Facebook called “The Silver Revolution."

The members are mainly American and it;s great to see women encouraging other women to stick with their

decision to go grey. Lots of praise all round for each other on their new silver streaks and their stamina for seeing the process through.

I have finally managed to get to the hairdressers and decided on a short choppy style with one side shaved showing my new pepper pot colour. Is this a suitable style for someone nearing 52 years old? I don’t know is my answer.

I also enjoy doing my makeup. Yet another stumbling block for me. Whether I get made up for work or for going out, I never know if I have got it right.

Mutton dressed as lamb comes to mind. But I am a strong individual and a big believer in doing whatever makes you happy, so I think I need to stop worrying and just get on with enjoying my life and embrace my confused appearance.

If you see Danny La Rue walking through Burnley Centre in the very near future, sporting random hair and funny looking makeup, please come and say hello to me.