Our pubs, clubs and cafes need us to 'use them or lose them'| Tracey Smith

I have talked in the past about the light at the end of tunnel, back in March, when we were given a glimmer of hope that things were getting back to normal as pubs and shops were allowed to reopen.

By Tracey Smith
Sunday, 23rd May 2021, 12:03 pm
Updated Sunday, 23rd May 2021, 12:08 pm
Columnist Tracey Smith has called for people to support their local pubs, clubs and cafes as we emerge from the pandemic
Columnist Tracey Smith has called for people to support their local pubs, clubs and cafes as we emerge from the pandemic

Well, that time has arrived, and it is fantastic to see so many places open their doors and welcome us back in with open arms. And it’s good to be back!!

I enjoyed a lovely pint or five last Sunday on my birthday and I did not mind one bit sitting in a beer garden in the hail stone and rain!! I was out out and supporting my local pubs!!

It does sadden though me to hear and read about the abuse some of the proprietors are getting from people attending these venues. Yes, there are guidelines in place. Not put there by the proprietors but by the government.

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If the owners do not adhere to these rules, then they are fined.

Where possible the venue owners have had to adapt their outdoor seating areas at a great cost to themselves with no financial help and lots of hurdles and red tape to jump through to do just that. They are working flat out serving everyone and keeping us all fed and watered.

These people deserve a gold medal!

I am a big believer of 'use them or lose them.' It is sad to see so many pubs and cafes close their doors over the last 12 months with little or no chance of reopening. And after joining the Facebook group called “The lost pubs and clubs of Pendle and surrounding areas” which boasts over 5,000 members it is absolutely astounding to see how many pubs and clubs we used to have in our area.

As a teenager and living in Reedley I worked in the Wigglesworth Arms with Irene, Margo and June who taught me all I know on pulling the best pint. And what a brilliant pub. A fantastic mix of people of all ages, I have very fond memories of working there along with enjoying the pub run throughout the whole of Brierfield, as there were pubs a plenty then onto Hawthorne’s or The Sands to dance the night away. I could write a book on all the wonderful characters I had the pleasure of meeting during that time.

On a plus note it is good to see new pubs and wine bars popping up in our area which hopefully will entice people from all over to come to our lovely town. So many people head off further afield to eat or drink but I feel we have a great array of places right here on our doorstep along with a brilliant music scene.

The existing pubs, cafes and restaurants sound excited to be open again, with renewed vigour and fresh ideas.

Here’s to many more opening in our local areas.