Work on Padiham flood plain will have big impact

How many people in Padiham know about the proposed development to the Grove Lane Flood Plain area by Burnley Football Club?

This flood plain helps to alleviate flooding problems in the town of Padiham.

Also this proposed development will have a signficant impact on wildlife and habitats. Do not be fooled into thinking this is a green development as the impact to species and the area will be immense, if the development were to go ahead.

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It’s also interesting to note the public consultation appeared to be for the select few and not available to all residents in the town whom the development will affect.

The impact on the amount of traffic to pass down Stockbridge Drive to Gawthorpe Hall will be massive as this is the proposed access route both for construction traffic and then also the proposed development site if constructed.

Anyone interested in this proposal can view it at the Planning Office in Parker Lane Burnley App/2014/0534 or go online to do so.

Any objections to this application should be made as soon as possible.

M. Taylor


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