Why should these areas be ‘developed’?

I was pondering about the latest Local Plan, seen in the Burnley Express, and one thing that struck me was that various sites have been “identified” as ripe for development.

One point I would like to raise is who or whom has identified these sites? I have heard from someone (via an official letter which I have seen) that it was some professor from Salford University who was sanctioning one particular development near to this person’s neighbourhood.

Also why is there any need to expand Burnley and the surrounding area any further? After all, to any observer of local history, the result of too far, too fast can be seen. The population of Burnley 100 years or so ago was in the region of perhaps 110,000 and this was disregarding the surrounding areas.

Of course, when the staple industry declined the population dropped to a low of about 74,000. It did take some years but it did happen. I seem to remember reading some time ago in a national newspaper that perhaps some areas of the country should be allowed to have a genteel retirement. (I don’t really have an opinion on this).

Another point is that continual expansion usually results in one thing (eventually) and that is explosion! Those who ignore history, and its lessons, are destined to live through it again (quote from the past).

A. Husband

Lawrence Street, Padiham