Why is our council wasting money?

After visiting Victoria Park, Nelson, stopping in the car park, I looked on in disbelief to watch workmen dig up the middle of the car park to place in it a flower bed.

Cash notes 20s
Cash notes 20s

It is only a few months ago that the council painted the lines in the car park only to dig quite a few up. How much is this costing?

Now the council is in meetings to close the toilets in Newchurch.

The toilets are used a lot by tourists from all around the world. We have no pub or shop with toilets. It could cause the cafe to close.

If the council is short of money, why waste it on the car park when they say it costs so much to keep open?


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They say it costs £400 a year. I bet the money spent on the plaster will come to more than that.

M. Saiter