Why I didn’t vote for the war-mongers in Europe

The other week we were being asked to vote (those of us who could be bothered to vote of course) on the European Elections.

Ballot box
Ballot box

We have seen many adverts in the press and TV by various parties, most a lot of rubbish to say the least.

Of course the main parties, Cons/Lab/Lib came up with their normal “here comes that bogey party” routine, searching for any titbits to discredit their followers and supporters, which only makes the normal citizen more determined to vote for that bogey man party in any future elections.

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Lets look at some points on why I was not voting for the Cons, Lab and Libs and casting my vote for a party who wants change in Europe.

The EU, we were told, was about freedom of movement between member states and freedom of trade. The movement of people did not take into account the people who just wanted to move for benefits only.

The freedom of trade is now governed by the faceless gnomes of Brussels, who dictate which member state and which company can trade with the world. No longer can we in Britain seek outside the union, trade without express permission from Brussels.

We were told that being a member of this union of states would benefit our businesses; this has now proved to be a lie. In an independent report, it has been revealed we are in fact no better off in this Union. We are, in fact, worse off, being at the same trading figures as we were in 1975. But at the same time businesses spend millions on complying with EU regulations.

The EU, we were told, would stop future European wars, like we had in First and Second World Wars. But what has the EU done over the past few decades? Spent thousands of million of pounds on wars all over the place.

Lets look at this warmonger EU list of wars they have been part of: Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria to mention a few.

All anti-Government forces received financial aid and arms and in some case military assistance from the EU gnomes of war.

Now they have handed out £100m. of our money to support and arm the pro-EU forces that overthrew the Ukrainian Government,

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Now the Conservative Party and its members and supporters and leaders Cameron and Haigh are openly supporting the EU for a World Wr Three with Russia. Of course they are supported by the other warmongers and their supporters in the Labour and Liberal parties.

So who will you vote for today? The warmongers or a sensible party?

Ron Loebell,

Edisford, Clitheroe