Why did MP not support our homes petition?

With another ludicrous planning application at West Bradford in the offing, more residents are objecting to greedy, opportunistic developers who have no interest in preserving the Ribble Valley’s rural nature.

I wish West Bradford residents luck in their quest to halt this application but fear the usual lack of support from the Government and Ribble Valley Borough Council means their objections will fall on deaf ears.

It was interesting to read our MP, Nigel Evans, intends to present a 900-signature petition against over development, to the House of Commons, on behalf of Longridge residents. Clitheroe Residents’ Action Group gathered 2,200 signatures on a petition objecting to the unfair distribution of housing and the Standen Estates application. Nigel Evans did not take our petition to Westminster. And before he says we did not ask, it is sometimes helpful for those in the know to offer or suggest, after all he is our MP, too.

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At the time of the CRAG petition, Nigel was Deputy Speaker and required to remain impartial. So could it be this position prevented him presenting the CRAG petition?

If that is the case, he has failed to represent Clitheroe residents and we should be very careful who we vote for in next year’s election!

Steve Rush

CRAG Chairman