Where do parties stand on fracking?

Are readers aware the controversial issue of fracking for shale gas will be debated during the General Election campaign? Where do the political parties stand on this matter?
Fracking rigs like this one are a common site in America.Fracking rigs like this one are a common site in America.
Fracking rigs like this one are a common site in America.

Labour would seem somewhat duplicitous. On the one hand, in their local campaign literature, they state “fracking is not the answer to our energy problems”. This gives the impression they would not pursue fracking as a policy in Government. On the other hand, in the Labour Party Manifesto, they say “for onshore unconventional oil and gas, we will establish a robust environmental and regulatory regime before extraction can take place”.

Most of the other main English political parties are also committed to the fracking of unconventional shale gas, claiming it can be done safely with strong regulations.

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Any amount of regulations will not be able to safeguard the environment or people’s health from the harmful pollution of the air, water and ground by toxic (methane), radioactive (radon) and carcinogenic gases as well as from seismic events.

The Green Party is the only main political party which would ban fracking completely. In the light of the clear evidence, the other political parties should follow suit and stop any fracking if they are committed to protecting the environment and the health and well being of citizens as a priority.

David Penney

Press Officer, Keep East Lancashire Frack Free