What did old Labour do for Burnley?

Before we go cock-a-hoop over the possibility of Burnley having a Labour MP, I ask what did the old Labour do for our town?

Platers and Stampers later Prestige in Colne Road Burnley.
Platers and Stampers later Prestige in Colne Road Burnley.

From 1960 it saw the closure of British Rail Rosegrove Goods Department, all our cotton mills and all the associated trades that worked within the cotton industry ie foundries, loom makers etc.

We also lost Norweb, Oswald Street Gas Works; Burnley Street Lighting Works; Burnley Corportion Highways Department; Burnley Corporation Works Department; British Waterways Finsley Gate Depot; Bank Hall Colliery; Hapton Valley Colliery; Lambert Howarth Shoe Company; Prestige (platers and stampers); Joseph Lucas; Michelin Tyre Company; Bank Hall Maternity Hospital; Victoria Hospital; Marsden Hospital; Reedley Hall Hospital; North Street Swimming Baths; Central Swimming Baths; Gannow Swimming Baths and our town’s A&E.

Also we saw the closure of around 13 cinemas and then we come to all the corner shops who supplied the workers with provisions etc. They have all gone as I suppose have the estimated 18,000 workers.

And what did our Labour MP do? Nothing. Burnley was down but not out. We are now on the road to recovery and I hope we can keep it that way.

C. Marr