What are your plans for Lent?

Give it up for LentGive it up for Lent
Give it up for Lent
As someone training for ordained ministry in the Church of England, may I encourage your readers to look at the Christian season of Lent that has commenced as an opportunity to maybe reflect on their own personal circumstances. To maybe consider doing something differently during the run-up to Easter. Lent need not be a time of giving up on something but may be an opportunity to do something new.

The possibilities are endless.

For example, you could challenge your stereotypes of other faiths, you could explore opportunities to have dialogue with people who have different belief systems to yourself. You could write to people in authority about matters you consider unjust or immoral. Particularly as the General Election approaches, what better time to test and see if our prospective MPs are people of substance or just hot air? While many Christians may not attend church on a weekly basis, the opportunity to serve God through Lent can and should be fulfilled outside of those who attend Holy buildings.

I hope that whatever the Christians of Burnley and the surrounding areas plans are before Easter that it involves at least doing something. Standing by and doing nothing should surely never be an option for those who follow Christianity.

Alex Frost

Lower Manor Lane, Burnley