We should be free from Europe to protect our citizens

Police line tapePolice line tape
Police line tape
Labour leader Ed Miliband has rightly come under fire from UKIP for suggesting that withdrawing from the European Union would endanger British lives.

He is so pro-EU he’d say anything to keep us in their stranglehold, regardless of the increasingly detrimental affect our membership is having on this country. And now he claims the UK can fight terrorism “much better” from inside the EU by working across borders. Well, considering the lack of border controls in the Schengen zone that’s a rather laughable concept to deal with a very serious topic.

We need to leave so we can take back control of our own borders and have a proper system in place to ensure we know who comes in and out of our country, and not have our hands tied by the EU.

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Miliband also lauds the European Arrest Warrant when this is a device that has already resulted in cases of serious injustice. A Brit who may have an alibi, but who is accused of committing a crime in another EU state, could still have to be handed over to foreign authorities, potentially to spend months or years imprisoned while being questioned before charge, even if the allegations are not an offence here.

The EAW also dispenses with the important matter of providing evidence to support the charge. It all flies in the face of the principle of habeas corpus, where a prisoner must be released when there is no lawful basis for their detention

This is something else we need to be freed from and instead make our own decisions about protecting our citizens.

Paul Nuttall MEP,

UKIP Deputy Leader and North West MEP