We promise we will stop mass immigration immediately

UKIP would like to offer our sympathy to Mr Cameron and his failed attempt to reduce mass, uncontrolled immigration into Britain.

The Conservatives know it is illegal to even try to stop millions of unskilled immigrants flooding into Britain from Europe but Mr Cameron will not admit this.

Even the tiny restrictions on benefits which Mr Cameron wants to introduce have to be approved by the European Commission in Belgium. Britain can do nothing without their permission.

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We challenge the Conservatives to prove that what we say is not true. The truth is that British politicians and the British Parliament can do nothing to prevent mass immigration from Europe. And immigration from outside the EU is also out of control.

The Labour Party actively encourages mass immigration because, traditionally, immigrants vote Labour. It was a cold, ruthless, selfish decision by Labour when in government to flood the country with immigrants so it could stay in power. So, vote for a Labour MP and government and continue to get mass, uncontrolled immigration.

Wait hours for treatment in any accident and emergency department and you will discover first-hand how our fabulous National Health Service is being stretched to breaking point by mass, uncontrolled immigration.

Look at the price of houses, and the non-stop building in our lovely countryside, and you will see the practical results of mass uncontrolled immigration. UKIP is the party of the ordinary person and we promise we will stop mass immigration immediately when we are in power.

Philip Griffiths

North West President UKIP