We need to quiz would-be MPs face to face

So we are to have five General Election candidates in Pendle in May - a Conservative (the sitting MP), a Labour candidate who is a Lancashire county councillor, a Liberal Democrat (the present Mayor of Pendle), a Green and a UKIP representative.
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House of Commons

Whatever happens nationally regarding debates, here in Pendle we need the chance to see and question these five people face to face.

Andrew Stephenson needs to tell us why he should be given another five years as our MP and the other four why they would do a better job.

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We, the electorate, with the discredited first past the post system, narrowly replaced Labour with a Conservative with the Liberal Democrat a few thousand behind.

Were we right? Have things changed? Why will we have UKIP and a Green also in the frame to be taken seriously? We will over the next six weeks be bombarded with leaflets and policy statements galore, promising this or that. Why red or blue is better than orange, green or purple!

Everyone will have points to agree and disagree with, but what we need is a person passionate about Pendle and the North West first and foremost.

Someone who is not so politically motivated they cannot work constructively with others, and who can forgo party advancement to honour their principles.

You are not electing a Government but our MP. The choice is yours.

Derek Mann

Knotts Lane, Colne