Vital to help those trapped in fuel poverty

New research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation into the plummeting income of families makes alarming reading.

Lots of layers to keep out the cold
Lots of layers to keep out the cold

Two in every five families are struggling on incomes that do not cover a minimum standard of living. The gap between the money families have and the costs they need to cover is getting wider.

Families are finding it tough to bridge this gap and are going hungry, racking up debt or risking their heath by living in cold homes. At Turn2us we found 78% of families struggled with their energy bills last year and said cold homes were harming the health of their children.

We launched our Cut out the Cold campaign to reach families that need help. However, we need a concerted effort by all organisations that can provide practical help in tackling fuel poverty. It is vital those who need help are not trapped in a cycle of hardship.

Simon Hopkins


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Chief Executive, Turn2us