Vegans ... you can’t eat without killing something

I must write on behalf of farmers and Christians about the letter from Vernon Stuttard on the evil of people killing animals.

Farming is a business which is getting harder due to all the hours and paperwork.

I admire people who look after animals for pleasure but this can be expensive.

If we go back to olden days, the monks made a fortune out of keeping sheep for wool when everybody wore wool clothes. Today, people buy mainly foreign goods made of synthetic material and farmers have to pay more for having sheep sheared than they receive for their wool.

I was brought up to care for animals and, being realistic, knew their life wouldn’t be a long one but they would be looked after.

Surely a short life is better than no life which would be the case if farmers didn’t breed for meat.

Just think – you wouldn’t see lambs in the fields or calves.

One of my happiest memories is of holding a baby pig and feeding it with a bottle, knowing when it was older, it would have to go for meat.

Don’t vegans understand you can’t eat without killing something – even plants have life.


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Sarah Greenwood, Colne