Travellers’ site will be blot on landscape

What on earth is Burnley Council thinking about proposing to put a permanent travellers’ site in Heald Road, Barden?

Heald Road, off Barden Lane, Burnley
Heald Road, off Barden Lane, Burnley

This area is up-and-coming with the new school incorporating public facilities e.g. library, the proposed new apartment complex (who will want to buy these if the council’s plans go ahead?) and also the redevelopment on the Prairie fields with the new driving range. The people of the area are very proud and do not want it spoiling with a blot on the landscape. I was under the impression the council’s slogan is a brighter and better Burnley. I think not if this hair-brained idea gets the go-ahead.

Also, what about the depreciation of people’s properties wherever the proposed site is situated? The people of Burnley must stick together and voice their opinions and say no to this travellers’ site.

Concerned resident