Travellers’ site: council must listen

I have just been reading the new Burnley Council 2015 brochure.

Wednesday, 18th March 2015, 5:52 pm
Travellers site on School Road, Blackpool.

I am disgusted with the quote from Labour Council leader Mark Townsend which says: “The main thing we try and do is listen to your view”.

Can I remind Coun. Townsend he was voted in by the people of Burnley not to try to listen, but TO listen to the people of Burnley and carry out their wishes.

Can also I remind him the Labour Council did not listen to the people of Burnley Wood regarding the community centre. The Labour Council, under the control of the ex- Labour Leader Julie Cooper, demolished it.

Can I remind Coun. Townsend the people of Burnley don’t want travellers sites.

Will you please remember this when you make your decision on the travellers’ sites after the next election.

Kate Mottershead