The illusion of democracy

With reference to your letter from Edinburgh, I believe your contributor was a little harsh on the Scots when he suggests they are unlikely to vote for an independent Scotland because they are “far too stupid”.
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It is an unfortunate fact there are many other nationalities resident in Scotland who will be eligible to vote while the vast majority of Scots living elsewhere in the world will be denied that right.

The politicians of the SNP would never expect anything other than a no vote. For their own credibility they needed to deliver a referendum and this they have done which of course absolves them of any blame in the eyes of their supporters.

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The same situation will face the English if we are ever given the opportunity to vote regarding the surrender of our sovereignty to the EU. Politicians will spar and joust with each other but this is only the illusion of democracy as the outcome is all but pre-ordained. Perhaps the real stupidity comes from an electorate that voted for politicians who made it possible for our national interests to be decided by foreigners.

John Cave

Caernarvon Avenue, Burnley